Hiking along the Grand River – found large animal prints.

After looking at AllTrails for our next adventure, we decided to explore Tutela Heights in Brantford, Ontario. We parked near the Cockshutt Bridge Access Point on Erie Ave near Oxbow Road. There's lots of parking here as it also allows portage into the Grand River. The trail starts on the other side of the Grand... Continue Reading →

Another section of The Bruce Trail completed.

We continued our trek along the Bruce Trail, Niagara Section, for a 5km out and back hike in Grimsby, Ontario. We parked along the shoulder of Ridge Road near Church Road intersection as there is no designated lot. The entrance to the mail trail is between 2 homes - shown in the photos below. Following... Continue Reading →

Hike with ease after an ice storm

If you want to easily walk around the city or along hiking trails after an ice storm, here's a simple solution - crampons also know as ice cleats. Don't let icy storms stop you from going on your daily walks, hikes or casually walking your dog. We purchased our crampons from SAIL, but you can... Continue Reading →

Let’s share our favorite outdoor activities!

Is there an activity I didn't list? Leave yours in the comment section below. Thank you for taking the time to read our blog and follow our experiences. Happy adventuring! #getoutside #getoutdoors ♥

A Scrambling and Deep Lunges Hike.

We continued our Bruce Trail hiking adventure starting at Kinsmen Park in Beamsville, Ontario. Beside the parking lot is a fenced in dog park and stairs travelling down the escarpment leading to street parking. There are no washrooms on site and there is lots of free parking. This part of the Bruce Trail is very... Continue Reading →

Discover the great outdoors.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays! I'd like to share with you a variety of snowy scenery photos and activities you can do outside - all you have to do is take a stroll and discover what our wonderful world has to offer. Be a kid - make a snowman. Okay, this next picture doesn't fit my... Continue Reading →

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