Hydrocut Mountain Bike Trails

Located in Waterloo, Ontario, Hydrocut has over 25km’s of Single Track.
This fun playground is one of my favorites by far.  Volunteers of The Waterloo Cycling Club build and maintain these trails.
Along with free entrance, there are two free parking lots on each side of the park.
The trails feature board walks and bridges, switchbacks and “armoured” walls, with fast lines and technical features to challenge the most skilled of riders.  What makes it the most enjoyable is that the trails are all one direction.  So no head on collisions here which makes it much safer.  (Unless you ride into a tree)

There is a double track on the perimeter of the Synder’s Road section if you just want to go for a  hike. If you want the full 25kms experience, park at Glasgow Parking lot and the trail starts there.  There are maps and signs along the way so you are not able to get lost.  If you want to leave between trails, no problem. You can jump out on the double track if you’re on the Snyder’s Side. If you’re on the Glasglow side, there isn’t a double track, but you can cut your ride short. Hint – Take a picture of the map on your way in.

Everyone that rides here is super friendly so if you require any assistance, just ask.

Bring lots of water, a snack, armour recommended and an extra set of lugs!  Everyone that finishes riding HydroCut comes out an extremely happy person. 😁

There are no washrooms on site but there is a plaza close by.

Be sure to check out their Facebook and Twitter page for trail updates.

ENJOY and Be Safe!

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