One of the most popular free apps to use to track your athletic activity via GPS – Strava is used world-wide.

Strava can be used to track distance, time, cadence, speed, heart rate and much more on several activities such as:

Mountain Biking
Alpine, Back-county and Nordic Skiing
Canoeing, Kayaking, Rowing and Stand Up Paddling
E-Bike Ride
Ice Skate
Inline Skate
Rock Climbing
Roller Ski
Virtual Ride
Weight Training

There is a Strava App to download in the Android or Apple Store and is very easy to use.  For example, if your going on a ride, you hit the start button and you don’t have to pause it if you stop. The app will automatically pause.

If you know several people using Strava, you can follow each other and if your that competitive person, you can see how you rate yourself with them.

If you don’t use their app, you can also buy a GPS computer or watch or something similar and upload to Strava once you get home.

Strava also links to Instagram so you can take photos along the way and then once you upload your activity, the photos appear on your track.

They do offer a Premium Version for only $59.99 per year.  This version gives you Personalized Coaching, Live Feedback, which is real-time feedback for extra motivation and improved safety and Advanced Analysis.

Another cool feature they have are Clubs.  You can join a club and there are organized events taking place within that club which is a great way to be introduced to something new and meet new friends.

Let’s say your going to a new place anywhere in the world, check out their Segment Search.  See where others have ridden.

The best part of Strava is once your activity is uploaded, you can see where you’ve been and easily go back.

And remember….. “If It’s Not On Strava, It Doesn’t Count”

Check out their website at

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