Hardwood Ski & Bike AND Horseshoe Resort

What a jam packed Saturday!

We wanted to ride +Hardwood Ski and Bike Facility (aka Hardwood Hills) first then have lunch and check out the new redesigned  +Horseshoe Resort

We were NOT disappointed!

Hardwood Ski & Bike – hardwoodskiandbike.ca

Here’s a quick blurb from their website:

“Hardwood Ski and Bike has over 80 km of beautiful, rolling trails through hardwood and pine forests for mountain biking. In addition to the 34 km of rolling double track trails, there is an additional 50 km of challenging single track trails that intertwine with the ski trail network creating endless possibilities of courses and obstacles.”

Check out a video of just a small portion of the trail – https://youtu.be/ShGZt875_HA

Dirt pump track

They also have a skills area to practice skinnies, roll overs, drop in’s and lots more.  And yes, they do have a skills area for children….which was a lot of fun!

I’ve added pictures of their trail map below.  The start of each is a gradual uphill so be prepared and pedal slow.  The kids trail is about 2.5 km and the most difficult trail is about 15km.

+Hardwood Ski and Bike Facility Hosted the Pan Am Games.   If you want to ride what the pro’s raced, you still can.  Just follow the “Pan Am”  trail.

It’s a place to visit all day…ride, eat, rest, repeat.

Also inside they have a repair shop and a retail store full of cool, colourful MTB gear.

They do have a fast food take restaurant inside.  But we decided to check out +Horseshoe Resort instead and have lunch there.

Check out my next Blog about Horseshoe….

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