Horseshoe Resort – 4 Season Resort with lots of adventure.

Horseshoe Resort is redesigning their whole resort…

We ate at Crazy Horse Inn which is a Roadhouse style restaurant and bar. There’s lots of seating outside and inside. You can park your gear right by the fence to keep a close eye on it.  They also have a more upscale dining restaurant, Horseshoe Inn. Here’s the view from the upstairs balcony at Crazy Horse.

This photo is of the backside of the new condos already built but they are just finishing the outdoor pool.

Horseshoe Resort has a Maze, that we didn’t try (as our legs were too sore from riding at Hardwood Ski & Bike).  It’s pretty big and you have to find the letters, M A Z E to escape.  No worries, there are emergency exits and enough space to crawl underneath.

They offer Pony Rides…

Love the Outdoors 365 Days_Horseshoe Resort (4)

And they are building a three-acre lake, which includes a wakeboard cable park, inflatable obstacle course and beach volleyball courts. The golf course received a huge face lift and they offer mini-putt.

They are running the chair lifts all summer. We didn’t ride the downhill trails so can not comment on that.   The only thing I’m not 100% happy with is the way they put the bikes on the chair lifts.  They should change that up to something that Blue Mountain has.  But there’s always the option to pedal up.

Overall, We had a fantastic time and will return soon!   Horseshoe is catered to more family fun activities and for the adventure enthusiast but Hardwood is only for the singletrack adrenaline junkies.  KUDO’S TO BOTH!

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog and follow our experiences.

Happy adventuring! #getoutside #getoutdoors ♥

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