Milton Rib & Craft Beer Fest

We went, we ate….I’m not one for bad news, but how do vendors and event coordinators know unless we speak the truth.

Located at the Milton Fairgrounds in Milton, Ontario, we discovered the Milton Rib Fest.

This year they had 4 Ribbers to choose from:  Kentucky Smokehouse, Mustang Sally’s, Oak & Barrel and Louisiana BBQ. We’ve tried the Kentucky & Louisiana, so we thought – why not try a Ribber from our own Country – Oak & Barrel located in Chilliwack, BC…which had Whisky Rib Sauce as their staple sauce.

We did have to wait about 1 hour in the line up…and the food wasn’t like other Rib Fests. And why only 4 ribbers? The line ups were long and too confined into one area. And we don’t want to sit beside smokers. Why didn’t they have a designated area??

Along with the Ribs, vendors were serving Blooming Onions, Poutine, Burgers, Sausage. Of course they would have dessert – funnel cakes, ice cream, etc, etc.

Didn’t try their Craft Beer selection, as I’m not a fan but there were long line-ups.

Lots to do for kids, but I heard that was overpriced – inflatables, bubble soccer, face-painting and lots more.

Until Next Year…..Can’t wait to see if they make any improvements.

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