New Years Day Walk (that felt like a hike)

We wanted to venture out today for our first 2018 hike at a Conservation Area, but being so cold (-20), we decided to wander our local community parks.

This park is not maintained in the winter so it was a challenging walk.  Some parts were almost knee deep in snow.  We made the best of it…we made snow angels!

20180101_122541 - Copy

How we keep warm – Layers!  We wear wool socks, winter boots, tight base layer on our legs with snow pants.  I particularly like bib snow pants as they keep your upper torso warm.  Of course, a winter coat with a base layer top and a merino wool shirt. Base layer gloves with a long snow glove on top.  This way I can take the outer glove off to use my phone with the base layer gloves still on keeping my hands from getting cold.  Neck warmer is essential, and last a hat.  I have a hat that has a thermal layer inside so when my head warms up, the heat bounces from my head to the hat and back.  On a day like today we did need sunglasses.

What activity did you do on the first day of 2018?

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