Winter Hike – Niagara Gorge / Niagara Falls

On our 4th Waterfalls hike this winter, we decided to make a trek to Niagara Falls.  Niagara Falls is seeing a great increase in tourism this winter and it all has to do with this #1 Winter Wonderland North of the Border.

We wanted a challenging hike so we decided on Niagara Gorge.  We parked at the Niagara Glen Nature Reserve which in the winter has free parking but is paid parking in the other seasons.  We walked toward Niagara River until we saw this trail map…

Love the Outdoors 365 Days_Niagara Groge

…beside it are the stairs that take you to the bottom along the Niagara River.

Our trek was about 2 km round trip because of the elevation (100 m) and lots of rocks to maneuver around and the snowy conditions we thought keep it short and safe  As per usual, we made first tracks so we had to be careful of what was protruding under neath the snow.

It was windy in the parking lot, but once we descended down the stairs it was calm and scenic and can hear the very powerful Niagara River.  The trail we took was along some beautiful rocks and the view was spectacular.

We will definitely go back in the warmer months to spend more time there, have lunch and enjoy nature.

Here are a few winter hiking safety tips for your trek.  Stay safe, stay outside longer, and enjoy what nature has given us.

  • Wear insulating layers that can be put on, removed/adjusted to keep you warm or cool and dry. Lightweight and waterproof layers are the best option for a winter hike.
  • I like to wear Little Hotties foot warmers on my feet and Little Hotties hand warmers in my gloves.  They last for about 8 hours and never get too hot.  It’s an added protection, especially if your near water and accidentally get wet.
  • Winter hiking boots should be warm, waterproof, with a good tread for slippery conditions and with enough room for thick socks.
  • Crampons for the bottom of your boots are very helpful in they give you extra tread.  There’s lots of different types out there for many different activities.
  • Hiking poles of any sort are very helpful in maneuvering around rocks and offer extra balance.  We brought our ski poles with us and they worked just as well.
  • Hiking in the cold burns more calories, so ensure that you bring extra snacks, hot drink in a thermos.  Clif Bars are a good source of calories and provide energy and can easily fit in your pocket.
  • There is less daylight hours, so be prepared with a flashlight and phone.
  • Dehydration is more common because we don’t feel as thirsty when it’s cold. Drink plenty of water or that warm drink in your thermos.
  • Winter can bring some fast, drastic weather changes, so be prepared for anything.

After our journey, we went to check out Niagara Falls.  Yes, it was a Winter Wonderland.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog and follow our experiences – Twitter or YouTube.

Happy adventuring! #getoutside ♥

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