Blue Mountain – 4 Season Resort

This past weekend, we skied Blue Mountain which is located near Georgian Bay in Ontario, Canada.  WOW!!….Challenging but FUN all the same time.  Aka ‘Blue’ has 43 Downhill (Alpine) Ski Runs, 30 Night Trails and 11 lifts.  Blue Mountain’s top elevation is 1,480 ft and 364 acres skiable area.

We skied 10 runs in 3 hours and had a blast!  As some of you may know, we always like to be early before the crowds, and we did.  They open at 9am, which is early than most Ski Resorts.  We started around 9:30am and it was pretty quiet.  The do sell lift tickets at each parking lot so there’s no need to go to the main lodge.  They also have a food truck and fire pit to keep warm.  The conditions were fantastic as it was just groomed that morning (or evening before).


About 6 years ago they opened up the Orchard Side which has 6 runs and a terrain park.  We started there and skied across to the top of South Lodge Lift.  This trail is at the beginning of my video below.  It’s a narrow trail but not too fast and very scenic.

We didn’t ski the North Side as all 14 runs (except for 1) is either a Diamond or Double Diamond.

If you are truly a beginner, I would suggest staying on the bunny hills before going to the top.  The green runs seem to be challenging if your starting out and nervous.  If you do go to the top, I would suggest Happy Valley as it’s a long run and wide.


There is another green run on the South Side called Gord’s Groove which is another long run, but narrower.  So if you have the courage, you must do this one.  It was FUN!

Here’s my Strava map…

Blue Mountain Strava

I purchased a Surfboard GoPro Mount and placed my Hero Session 4 on my skis….as you can see in my video below…

If you have the winter blues, go to Blue.  They have so much more than skiing.  They just opened an ice skating trail at the top, the Mountain Coaster is open all year round, lots of shops, restaurants, Hike ‘n Tube, and lots more!

Get outside before the snow is gone….Winter only lasts so long!

Every run we did, every turn we made, every lift we were on….large smiles were on our faces.

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