SkiBiking – The next evolution of playing on a ski hill

SkiBike, Skibobbing, SnowBike are just a few terms being passed around.

Love the Outdoors 365 Days SkiBikeLove the Outdoors 365 Days SkiBike_2Love the Outdoors 365 Days SkiBike_3

SkiBiking has been around for a very long time but only a few ski resorts in the US and Canada offer SkiBiking.  Different story for Europe, as it’s very popular there.

If popular in Europe, then why isn’t it at the X Games OR Winter Olympic Games?

Everyone I’ve known to try it, has LOVED it for several reasons:

  • Doesn’t put pressure on you knees.  If you’re a skier, you’ll know exactly what I mean
  • Wear regular winter foot wear – Again, the skier will understand this one.
  • Can try this on toboggan hills, or in your backyard
  • It’s just REALLY COOL!!

These guys are trying to make it more aware in Canada – Skibike Facebook Page


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