Bicycle Shows

We went to the Toronto @bicycleshow this past weekend to see what the hype is all about and it wasn’t what we expected.

If your looking for a new bicycle, or even new to cycling altogether, this show can be overwhelming and intimidating. You think because it’s a @bicycleshow, your getting a great deal at discounted prices. WRONG!

Prices on bicycles seemed inflated and then they show the discounted price. On top of that they don’t put the year of the bicycles on the price tags. SPOILER ALERT – They are all last year’s models! And the clothes – no deals to be had. I’ve made note of some prices on clothes, then went in to my local bike shop – they were cheaper at the local bike shop!

The vendors at the @bicycleshow have to pay a fee for real estate, then take the time and manpower to move all of those bicycles and gear to the show. So why would they discount prices? How would they make money?

Parking is $15, and entrance fee is $15. That’s $30 that can go towards some spiffy new cycling clothes or shoes.

And another aspect – When many bicycles ship in vehicles, their is the chance for damage. Their’s nothing worse than going on your very first bicycle ride and something goes wrong with your bicycle, OR you see your first scratch. When spending $1,000 – $10,000 on a bicycle, you’d expect it to be 100% in working condition and sparkly.

I didn’t see any service stations set up. I guess it’s just look, pay and go.

And think, if you have a problem, and you live hours away from the vendor you bought from, are you going to waste your time driving back? Probably not! You may have to travel a couple of times because they won’t work on your bike while you wait. Much easier and quicker to deal with someone in your hometown.

@SupportYourLocalBikeShop and have a one on one with no pressure of the surroundings for you to think – “Is this the only weekend I’m going to get a deal?” If your local bike shop doesn’t have the bicycle you want, they can probably order it in. And maybe even custom order so you can get the color YOU want. No pressure for you to buy what’s on the floor.

They do have some vendors there to speak about cycling trips, trails, etc. Here’s an easier way to save yourself time and $30 – Just Google it! Simply type in Rail Trail and the city you want to visit, then click on the map. Or, “group cycling tours”. Anything is possible when it comes to Google search.

If your looking for cycling trails, google maps has a bicycling option. In the Google Maps menu, just click on the 3 bars on the top left hand corner. You’ll see the menu below. Click on Bicycling and all the trails will show up.

Google Bicycling

An easier solution – call or visit your local bike shop. Some of them organize local leisure or advanced rides. This way you make friends and support locally. Discovering new trails, or sharing the road is always better with an organized group of friends.
Here are 9 simple reasons to Support Your Local Bike Shop:

  1. Help grow your local economy
  2. Get better customer service
  3. Keep one-of-a-kind businesses in business
  4. Keep your money in your neighbourhood
  5. Support local entrepreneurs
  6. Reduce your carbon footprint
  7. Encourage investment in your city
  8. Show your hometown pride
  9. Create good local jobs




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