Cycling Safety on the Road & Bike Lanes

While out riding yesterday on the road in the well marked bikes lanes, I wanted to make aware the importance of how attentive drivers and cyclists must be.

I’ve noticed many drivers not stopping behind the stop sign and rolling to the edge of the road, almost in to the bike lane.  Now imagine a child riding their bicycle and the driver doesn’t stop in time.

Many cities now have multi use paths away from the road.  Cyclists use these paths a lot and they are away from traffic and more enjoyable.   This comment is for both cyclists and drivers – be aware when crossing intersections!  Cyclists should make eye contact with the drivers when crossing intersections especially when riding on the opposite side of the traffic flow.

The bicycle lanes are there to keep all cyclists safe. PLEASE BE AWARE OF EVERYTHING AROUND YOU!

Check out Share The Road Cycling Coalition  to find out how drivers and cyclist can co-exist on the road.



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