A Charity Walk Like No Other

There are so many different charity walks and events out there for so many different types of organizations BUTT, Wellwood Cancer Resource Center according to their website..

“…a community-based, non-profit organization which gives you tools to cope with the challenge of living with a diagnosis, providing information, programs and peer support to people who have received a diagnosis of cancer, loved ones, caregivers and healthcare providers. Working with existing community agencies and cancer care providers, Wellwood aims to provide integrative supportive care.”

This is Wellwood’s 20th anniversary and my 6th year participating in this event.  The first year was pretty exciting for me, because I just started running and I received my very first 1st place medal in their 5 km within my age group.  Although I don’t run anymore (that’s another blog on its own), I still participate and walk, briskly.   It’s a GREAT way to get in my 10,000 steps for the day while taking part for such a GREAT cause.

The Wellwood Walk/Run/Wheel for Colorectal Cancer Awareness is an event for all ages.  Children aged 1 – 12 participate in a 1 km run (with or without their parents) and they all receive a medal.  That is great inspiration for the children.  The 5 km are for walkers, runners or joggers and the 10 km is for runners.

I know I mentioned “Wheel” for this event – this is for people in wheelchairs and only for the 5 km.  The reason for this is because the 10 km has some grassy sections and uneven terrain.  Wellwood wanted to make this event FUN and not competitive.  Watching them was very inspiring!  Even when they were passing me.

BUTT, for the competitive people, there are lots of prizes to be won.  Medals and prizes are given to the 1st, 2nd & 3rd place in each age category.

I’m guessing you’re thinking I’m spelling “but” incorrectly.  Well, if you haven’t gotten the pun yet, maybe these photo’s will help.  These are the 6 shirts that I’ve accumulated provided from Wellwood free of charge for participating, and this year’s shirt.  BUTT of course, they’re all wonderful, inspiring shirts that I wear proudly all the time, all around.  Yes, I’m showing off my medal 🙂

If you would like to donate to Wellwood, please visit their website.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog and follow our experiences – Twitter or YouTube.

Happy adventuring! #getoutside ♥

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