A Skiing / Snowboarding GoPro mount for safer travels down the hill

Don’t like the weight of a camera on your helmet, wearing a chest strap, wrist strap or holding onto the camera?  This is your answer for getting all your great videos on the slopes while focusing on the spectacular views, your silly friends and, in my opinion, a safer way to capture moments —The GoPro Surfboard Mount.

After looking through GoPro’s website, there was nothing in their Snow category that suit my needs.  Looking around their website through all their categories, I found the Surfboard Mount.   This can mount onto skis or a snowboard just like you would a surfboard.  I didn’t feel the weight of the GoPro while I was skiing.

One thing you do have to watch is snow getting on the lens.  So before each run, I wiped my camera, put my poles around my wrists, goggles down, helmet check and ski!

Here’s a video of my GoPro mounted on my ski in action at Blue Mountain 4 Season Resort.

What other ways have you found to mount a GoPro?

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Happy adventuring! #getoutside ♥

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