Limehouse Conservation Area – An 1890s Educational Hike

Limehouse Conservation Area, part of Credit Valley Conservation, in Limehouse, Ontario is a short educational hike dating back to 1890.

With nine sites to see along the way, climbing a set of steep stairs to explore crevasses, a walk along pretty Credit River, THIS WAS A “WOW” HIKE!

Limehouse Conservation Area Former Industrial Centre sites of interest:

  1. Limehouse Memorial Hall
  2. Power Magazine
  3. Set Kilns
  4. Draw Kiln
  5. Saw Mill
  6. Mill Pond
  7. Newton and Son’s Woolen Mill and Empire Blanket Company
  8. The Gowdy’s of Limehouse
  9. The Toronto Suburban ‘Radial’ Railroad

If you choose not to go explore the crevasses, and think the stairs are a challenge, there is a go around, but it’s along the road. Come on – this will be your challenge for the day!

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Happy adventuring! #getoutside ♥

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