Crampons / Ice Cleats will make your icy walk or hike more enjoyable.

Recently we had an ice storm and found it very difficult to walk around the city on sidewalks and the streets. So we decided to purchase crampons, also called ice cleats. What a difference our walk was and also hiking up a toboggan hill was a breeze.

We purchased walking / running Yaktrax crampons from SportChek. If you don’t have a SportChek, you can go to your local outdoors store.

We love them! Don’t let icy storms stop you from going on your daily walks, hikes or casually walking your dog. Your pooch shouldn’t have to be sad because it’s too treacherous for a walk.

The ones we purchased have tiny spikes located at the ball of your foot and spring type coils around the top and heal of your foot. I have size 7 Keen boots, so I purchased the small ones which fit size 6 – 10 shoes. They fit quite easily and snug not to fall off with a strap going over the top of the boot.

If you don’t already know, we love to SkiBike. We recently went SkiBiking on a local toboggan hill. We knew that there was ice under the newly fallen snow, so we decided to wear our Yaktrax. WOW….it made a difference walking up that hill. Others were having so much difficulty and sliding everywhere.

Wear your Yaktrax for a walk or run, and anywhere you require traction.

Follow our experiences – Twitter and YouTube.

Happy adventuring! #getoutside ♥

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