Hiking Silver Lake Conservation Area

Update – March 14, 2020

Instead of being self-isolated, why not go for a hike. Fresh air, little people and lots of SUN!

There are so many trails in and around Silver Creek Conservation Area. As per the map below we decided to cross the street and continue on the Bruce Trail. This hike was 4.69 km’s.

From the parking lot, you wouldn’t think there would be ice on the trails – but there was. We walked in a little and decided to go back to our vehicle to put our crampons on. I’m glad we did because the remainder of the hike was ice. Remember if people are hiking these forest trails, they will be come slick.

We see so many different trees, but these were definitely worth the pause for a photograph…

January 4, 2020 – Once again we had a beautiful day for a hike.

Today we decided to hike Silver Creek Conservation Area which is located in Halton Hills, Ontario, Canada and is one of many parks managed by The Credit Valley Conservation.

The Bruce Trail runs through Silver Creek with several side trails. Bring your binoculars because there’s lots of birds, squirrels and to see all the wonderful formations of trees. This Conservation Area is one of the quietest we’ve hiked meaning we didn’t hear any traffic or ambient noise. Very good for your mind!

We only hike 4 km’s. Short hike, your thinking? It’s only because the terrain was the most challenging we’ve hiked. This is not a beginner hike at all. There is lots of rocks, and elevation gain. We are lucky we had our hiking poles – we needed that extra stability. I didn’t wear my crampons, because of the slippery rocks.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog and follow our experiences – Twitter or YouTube.

Happy adventuring! #getoutside ♥

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