Our journey to Lake Louise, Alberta

Part 1 – Travelling from Calgary to Lake Louise with a stop in Canmore

We flew into Calgary, Alberta, Canada and rented a Jeep from Enterprise Rent a Car. Great selection for the terrain and road conditions in Alberta. We booked our vehicle ahead of time, which made the wait time and pick up quick and seamless.

As soon as we starting driving West, the outskirts of Calgary, the mountains were a beauty.

Driving into Canmore for some lunch – the view of Three Sisters Mountains in Kananaskis Country was spectacular. A little overcast, but as the day went on, the views got better.

We had a quick lunch at The Grizzly Paw Pub & Brewing Company. The service was really good but the food wasn’t at all. The say their food is fresh and house made, but clearly a foodie can see it’s not. The fries were frozen, and the brisket was tough and tasted like roast beef. Disappointing at the beginning of our trip but that didn’t put us down. Canmore, Alberta is a pretty tourist town.

We stopped off at Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park. Their website of activities says it all – Cross County Skiing, Biathlon, and lots of other winter and summer activities.

We decided to drive up this mountain that has warning signs of Avalanche Country everywhere. The roads were snowy and a little icy. Good thing we had an actual 4×4 Jeep. We only drove up about 10 km’s – spectacular views. Note on the first picture I noted the silo. Now see the second picture of the silo. That’s how far up we were. Doesn’t look it – but it was.

Please follow our adventure in Part 2 which includes hiking, skiing, sleigh riding, ice sculptures and much more as we arrive at the beautiful, pristine Lake Louise, in Banff National Park.

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