Kayaking Jordan Harbour – Returned a lost Gosling to Mom

Once again, we kayaked Jordan Harbour on a beautiful sunny day! Weather was perfect, not too hot and not too sunny.

Jordan Harbour, located in Lincoln, Ontario, is a great place for fish, birds, turtles – lots of wildlife – always an adventure to visit. But this adventure was like no other.

On our way under the train bridge, we heard several Geese making lots of noise. This wasn’t the normal sounds of when they are taking off or in the air….we knew this was different. But we just kept on about our day, until, we met this adorable little guy…

He was swimming towards all of us and mom and dad were no where to be found 😢. We tried to guide it in the weeds to protect it from the ravishing fish and large birds, but it wouldn’t go.

Then, we had an epiphany – maybe this little fellow is lost and that’s why the geese were making all that noise. Maybe a large bird took it and then dropped it?

After swimming with us for a while, we picked it up, gently placed him in the kayak. He was so content just cleaning himself, keeping warm. So Sweet 💖

We then kayaked back and around to a marsh where we saw the family. We kayaked slowly to the parents. The parents were on guard and making noise, then baby Gosling started making noise too.

From a safe distance, baby Gosling was set free returned to home 💖🥰

You never know what you’ll see once you #getoutside!

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