Quiet, Picturesque Rail Trail – Uxbridge to Lindsay

As we were planning our next adventure, we discovered The Uxbridge to Linsday Rail Trail on the AllTrails app.

We parked at the Herrema Soccer Fields in Uxbridge as this is one of the trail entrances from this parking lot. Parking is free and there’s lots of spaces.

Entrance to Uxbridge to Lindsay Rail Trail
Entrance to Trail from parking lot

The ride into the main trail from this parking lot is about 1 km. It’s well worked in and easy to maneuver.

Why we think The Uxbridge to Lindsay Rail Trail is one of the most quietest, most relaxing rail trail:
  • We saw only a few people – for a Saturday morning, this was surprising.
  • There’s no highway or road noise.
  • Listening to the birds, frogs and all wildlife made it that much more relaxing.
  • Lots of animals – Seagulls, garter snakes, frogs, muskrat.

Here are some photos taken along the trail…

Here is a photo and map location of the trail entrance off of Main St. N.

Uxbridge Rail Trail Trailhead
Entrance – Main Street North, Uxbridge

Approx 15 km’s heading toward Lindsay, we discovered this split in the trail at Blackwater. If you take the left trail, this travels another 13 km’s to Cannington and ends. The right trail is the continuation of The TransCanada Trail (The Great Trail) to Linsday – approx another 30 km’s.

Billboard - Blackwater to Cannington or Uxbridge to Lindsay Rail Trail/TransCanada Trail

We decided to travel left, the Non-TransCanda Trail. It wasn’t as well maintained as the other, but we did make it to Sunderland as our turnaround point.

Here is our AllTrails Map…

AllTrails Map

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog and follow our experiences.

Happy adventuring! #getoutside #getoutdoors ♥

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