A Rail Trail that travels from Caledonia-Hamilton-Brantford-Cambridge

The Chippewa Electric Rail Trail is a 15 km multi-purpose trail which is part of the TransCanada Trail and travels from Hamilton to Caledonia.

Like any type of rail trail, they are nice and flat with only a gradual hill to one of the road crossings. The trail is made up of hard crushed gravel which is great for cycling, hiking or just a casual walk.

We entered in at the trail head on the corner of Stone Church Road and Dartnall Road, in Hamilton. Unfortunately, there is no parking as it’s right on the corner of the intersection. But there are shopping complex’s close by with lots of parking. Stone Church has a wide, very clean bicycle lane.

There are several road crossings – some people may think this is a disruption to their ride – some, like us, like it as it’s nice to have a break.

If 15 km’s isn’t long enough, the trail extends further in to Hamilton past Albion Falls. When exiting on to StoneChurch, make a right, the a left on Arbour Road, beside Splitsville, onto the bridge over the Lincoln M. Alexander Parkway. Make a left into the Albion Falls parking lot and there is the entrance to The Escarpment Rail Trail, which travels down the Hamilton mountain, that connects to The Hamilton Brantford Rail Trail, that further connects to The Brantford to Cambridge Rail Trail.

Lots of trails in Ontario – no one should be bored!

When you see a bridge with railings on each side, stop and take a look. This is where we took a nice break, hiked down a little and saw this beautiful hidden gem. Not sure of exact location.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog and follow our experiences.

Happy adventuring! #getoutside #getoutdoors ♥

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