Hike with ease after an ice storm

If you want to easily walk around the city or along hiking trails after an ice storm, here’s a simple solution – crampons also know as ice cleats.

Don’t let icy storms stop you from going on your daily walks, hikes or casually walking your dog.

Crampons over Keen Boots

We purchased our crampons from SAIL, but you can find them at ay sporting goods store. There are several options – walking, hiking or ice walking which will fit over boots or shoes. We purchased the mid-range as we’ll use them on hiking trails and walking up icy/snowy hills while SkiBiking. They fit comfortably over my Keen boots.

Wear your crampons for a hike, walk, run, or anywhere you require traction.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog and follow our experiences.

Happy adventuring! #getoutside #getoutdoors ♥

2 thoughts on “Hike with ease after an ice storm

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    1. You won’t regret the purchase! I did purchase a cheaper pair made of rubber and they tore quickly trying to fit over my boots. I spent about $60 on these ones and they are durable. I throw them in my backpack just in case we come across icy spots. They’ve saved me a few times and makes the hike more enjoyable.

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