Port Dalhousie – A quaint gem for all outdoor enthusiasts

"Port Dalhousie is a community in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. It is known for its waterfront appeal. It is also home to the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta and is historically significant as the terminus for the first three routes of the Welland Canal, built in 1820, 1845 and 1889"Above quote taken from Wikipedia We decided... Continue Reading →

Paddling – Long Point near Big Creek Natural Wildlife Area

According to Canada's Environmental and Natural Resources website - "It is home to a wealth of wildlife, including birds, frogs, turtles, amphibians, insects and many other species, all of which rely on wetland habitats." We rented kayaks from Cronmiller's At The Bridge. They are such a lovely couple who own the property and also work... Continue Reading →

Jordan Harbour – Kayaking and found lots of wildlife

We kayak Jordan Harbour a lot but on this trip, we saw so many ducks, heron and turtles. Being on the water at Jordan Harbour is always a great adventure and never a dull moment , as you may have seen our previous blog post - Kayaking Jordan Harbour – Returned a lost Gosling to Mom.... Continue Reading →

Kayaking Jordan Harbour – Returned a lost Gosling to Mom

Once again, we kayaked Jordan Harbour on a beautiful sunny day! Weather was perfect, not too hot and not too sunny. Jordan Harbour, located in Lincoln, Ontario, is a great place for fish, birds, turtles - lots of wildlife - always an adventure to visit. But this adventure was like no other. On our way... Continue Reading →

Kayak or Canoe then Hike Island Lake Conservation Area

Island Lake Conservation Area located in Orangeville, Ontario, is where we kayaked for almost 3 hours and explored almost 7 km of water, marsh and channels. We don't own a kayak (yet), as we are unsure if we want a single or a tandem kayak.  The benefits of a tandem is you only require 1 roof... Continue Reading →

Kayaking Long Point Provincial Park

We went Kayaking at Long Point and rented from Old Cut Marina which is operated by George Summers and Family. Old Cut Marina rents Seadoo's, paddle boats and single kayaks. Only been kayaking twice before, they really made me feel comfortable and love the encouragement from the young lady that helped us out. Since they only had... Continue Reading →

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