Pump Tracks

As per Google "A pump track is a continuous loop of dirt berms and “rollers” (smooth dirt mounds) that you ride without pedaling. The name “pump track” comes from the pumping motion used by the rider's upper and lower body as they ride around the track. One on the many pump tracks we visited is The Kolin Smith... Continue Reading →

Toronto X-Jam – What an amazing show!

It was a pleasure to watch these freestyle BMX riders show off their amazing talents at Toronto X-Jam. https://youtu.be/obSP_HWwIFc Hoping to see them at the 2020 Olympics! http://www.xjam.ca LET’S GET SOCIAL! FACEBOOK TWITTER YOUTUBE  

JoyRide 150 Indoor Bike Park-Women’s Weekend

I've spoken about JoyRide in my previous post so check that one out first before reading this one. This past weekend they had Women's Weekend! Women's weekend is a great way to learn any types of bike skills with qualified coaches.  They had 13 skills areas available from beginner to advanced.  Skills included balancing, jumping,... Continue Reading →

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