SkiBiking Skillls Here's a quick video of us SkiBiking and learning how to maneuver and stop quickly. Going down a hill is great and all, but the most important skill to learn is how to stop and get out of the way quickly. Thank you for taking the time to read our blog and... Continue Reading →

SkiBiking – The next evolution of playing on a ski hill

SkiBike, Skibobbing, SnowBike are just a few terms being passed around. SkiBiking has been around for a very long time but only a few ski resorts in the US and Canada offer SkiBiking.  Different story for Europe, as it's very popular there. If popular in Europe, then why isn't it at the X Games OR... Continue Reading →

SkiBiking Anyone?

Does anyone like SkiBiking?? It is such a nice sport to get outside to enjoy these long winters. We converted an old bike frame and modified it to a SkiBike. If you have tired knees and can't ski because of that, SkiBiking is the way to go! Check out more videos on our YouTube Channel... Continue Reading →

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