Our latest winter adventure video - SkiBiking!

Let’s share our favorite winter activity

Let us know what your favorite winter activity is by filling out our poll. Is there one we missed that you enjoy?

Conquer your fear of Skiing or Snowboarding

Do you have a fear of skiing or snowboarding? Are you scared being strapped to a board and not knowing how to turn, or even stop? Here are a few options to get over your fear of skiing or snowboarding: Go to a resort and watch;Parking is free (from resorts I've been to). Get out... Continue Reading →

Tips for Cycling Outdoors in the Cooler Months. Ditch the Indoor Cycling Trainer.

We are always riding our bicycles outside, in all 4 seasons, so I ask the question..... Why Indoor Cycling Trainers? Are indoor trainers worth the money?How do you pass the time? Is the room you're cycling in have fresh air? Or is it recycled stale air? Cycling outdoors is a great way to get fresh... Continue Reading →

A Skiing / Snowboarding GoPro mount for safer travels down the hill

Don't like the weight of a camera on your helmet, wearing a chest strap, wrist strap or holding onto the camera?  This is your answer for getting all your great videos on the slopes while focusing on the spectacular views, your silly friends and, in my opinion, a safer way to capture moments --The GoPro... Continue Reading →

Let’s share our favorite Ski / Snowboard Resorts

With all the Ski Resorts in the world, which resort do you like to downhill (alpine) ski or snowboard? In Ontario, Canada, we all love Blue Mountain, Mount St. Louis Moonstone and Horseshoe Resort, just to name a few, but I'm sure there are a lot more hidden gems out there. I'd like to share... Continue Reading →

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